About Epic Touch CM

Epic Touch CM is the development project to realize a fully featured and stable Cyanogenmod Android 4.0.4 on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch for the Sprint network.  We are volunteers who enjoy fixing bugs, customizing and optimizing our own phone.  Please follow us on Google+ or Facebook and join is in IRC online chat!

Ameer Ghouse (darchstar), sbrissen, Steady Hawkin, mkasick, Decad3nce, noobnl, chris41g, wtogami, nubecoder

QA, FAQ, Issues Triage, Support, etc
Brian Resnik (neatchee), Mason Brooks (BrooksyX), Rob Calistri (calisro)

CM9 for Epic Touch is a project of Team Epic, CyanogenMod's Sprint Samsung specialists
    • Team Epic currently has the goal to raise an additional $535 toward the purchase of two more E4GT's for developers.
    • darchstar unfortunately no longer has an Epic Touch because he had recently parted ways with Sprint.  He is interested in continuing development, so the team is helping to collect donations for this purpose.
    • noobnl's school semester just ended and he suddenly has 3 months of free time.  So this is the perfect opportunity to get him another Sprint phone to work on.
    • Please help us by donating via the Paypal widget on the right, or see the Team Epic site for other methods of donating with lower transaction fees.

Donations List (OLD)
We would like to thank the following people who donated to the team. Without your support this project would be nowhere near as successful as it is now.

Past donors for CM9 Epic Touch
Nick Flohr
Matt WhitcherKasper19
Bruce Inman
Gustavo Guerra Segura
Dalton Alas
Marcus Summers
Bill Brooks
Ryan Orr
Chris Robison
Ricky S. aka slick_rickhermeticist
Jose Molina
Abhishek Bhatnagar
Kyle M
Josh Silverthorn
Richard Taveras
Curtiz Zentz
Matthew Liegey
Noel Dagle
Abe Pilato
David Gilleland
Mathew Lucas
Andy Rollins (Snillor)
Jarome Garcia
Micheal C

We apologize if your name is missing.  Prior to merging Epic Touch into Team Epic donations were collected separately by darchstar and brooksyX.  We will eventually consolidate their records into Team Epic.