CWM5 (ClockworkMod Recovery) for Epic 4G Touch
You must read and understand these important notes.
  • Flash this kernel only when you want to use CWM, usually to Install or Upgrade CM9.
    • While this recovery kernel is installed, you will temporarily not be able to boot your phone.
  • You must flash CM9 (or kernel) in order to boot your phone.
    • Be sure your target ROM or kernel is already on your sdcard before you flash this recovery kernel.
    • It works for noobnl.  Since it is based on the EL29 Gingerbread kernel, it should avoid the deadly EMMC lockup/corruption bug that can permanently brick this phone.
Download [EG4T-EL29-directbootCWM-v3.tar.md5] md5sum 2b781e4515982a6b7d9586cbb3158647


  • If you are running CM9 or a rooted ROM, Mobile Odin is the most convenient option to flash as it does not require a computer or USB cable.
    • Put EG4T-EL29-directbootCWM.tar.md5 on device -> Open Mobile Odin app -> Grant Root Access -> Press the "Kernel" button -> Select Internal/External Storage -> Browse and select E4GT-EL29-directbootCWM.tar.md5 -> Scroll down and press the "Flash Firmware button -> Hit "Continue" at the warning screen to proceed with the flash. Phone will auto-reboot directly into CWM recovery.
  • If you are unable to use Mobile Odin, you must use Odin or Heimdall to flash the above tar.md5 file.
    • Tar file goes in the PDA slot of Odin.
    • Extract the zImage file from the tar in order to flash via Heimdall. 
Release Notes
  • Version 3: kexec enabled so you can use the temporary stock FF18 from emmc utility.
  • Version 2: Flashable .tar.md5
  • Version 1: This recovery is the Gingerbread EL29 kernel repacked by noobnl to boot directly into CWM5.   It differs from previous recoveries for Epic Touch in that it will unconditionally boot into CWM recovery even without the 2-finger boot.  This avoids the inconvenience and confusion of the phone locking up when it fails to boot CM9 with the GB kernel.
  • mkasick for kexec.
  • noobnl for directboot CWM.