Thursday, August 30, 2012

Temporary Stock FF18 from emmc

Utility for CM9 Epic Touch
This is a temporary ROM that boots Samsung's Ice Cream Sandwich FF18 firmware entirely from emmc without making any changes to the ROM currently installed on your phone. When you reboot, you return to recovery where you can re-flash the ROM to return to CM9. This temporary ROM is useful for several purposes.
  • Settings > About Phone > System updates >
    • Update Profile.
    • Update PRL.
  • Sprint Activation
  • Dial codes and diagnostic mode
  • GPS Fix
    • Install the GPS Status app, go outside with clear view of the sky, enable GPS and run the app.
    • After you have a GPS fix, GPS should work in CM9 too.
  • v1: August 30th, 2012
    • Initial release based on Ice Cream Sandwich FF18.
    • tempboot-FF18.tar.xz [1] [2] [3] [4]
      • 320.6 MB md5sum 19c2292001ea13903b8c31981d472c85
    How To Use
    1. Download the tar.xz file.
    2. Download CM9 Beta 1 (gapps not needed. Flash this only if you aren't already on a recent build).
    3. Unpack using 7-Zip (Windows) or Keka (MacOS X) or any other xz capable archive software.  Recent versions of Linux can unpack it with tar xfvJ filename.tar.xz.
      1. Do you have a folder named multiboot?  If not, try again.
    4. Plug your Epic Touch into your computer and mount as USB storage.
      1. Copy the entire multiboot folder into the base of your emmc (internal storage, not external sdcard).  Safely remove the USB storage device from your computer to ensure it wrote everything properly.
      2. Transfer CM9 Beta 1 onto internal storage.
    5. STOP! Did you copy the multiboot folder and CM9 to your internal storage?
    6. Boot into CWM recovery.
    7. Install zip from sdcard > choose zip from internal sdcard >
      1. After it finishes flashing, go to advanced settings and reboot to recovery (only flash this if you aren't already on a recent build).
    8. Install zip from sdcard > choose zip from internal sdcard > multiboot > FF18 >
      1. Did you see "install from sdcard complete"?  You failed to follow directions. You must be on a fairly recent CM9 build as the kernel/recovery that comes with older CM9 builds is not kexec enabled.
    9. WAIT.  It will eventually boot stock FF18 Ice Cream Sandwich.
    10. Once done using temp boot, just reboot your phone and it will boot back into your current CM9 ROM.
    • nubercoder - updating temp boot to FF18.
    • mkasick - kexec port for E4GT.
    • noobnl - ROM hacking to make this work (with help from wtogami).
    • chris41g for his kexec enabled kernel.

    If you appreciate our work, please consider supporting Team Epic with a tiny contribution.


    1. Anyone else having problems? I've followed the directions 3 times, no go. I'm able to use the EL29 temp boot just fine...

      1. Sorry, I had some wrong instructions up there. Try again now.

    2. When I unpack with 7Zip I get nothing but a tar file... no multiboot folder

      1. Linux-based archives are TAR archives that are compressed with another piece of software (i.e.: GZip, BZip2, XZ). When you remove the compression you are left with the TAR file that has the files you want inside.

        In 7zip you can get around having to extract the contents twice by just double clicking the TAR that's inside the XZ file and then extracting the contents of the TAR.

        The instructions give you a `tar` command that reads as follows:

        tar xvfJ filename.tar.xz

        Which breaks down to:

        x = eXtract
        v = Verbose
        f = Filename (immediately following flags)
        J = use XZ decompression before looking for a TAR archive

    3. I got the multiboot folder and copied it to the emmc. I flashed and it states install from sdcard complete. I am not sure if I am missing something or not. But I think I followed the instructions.

    4. What recovery are you guys using? What CM9 build?

    5. wm-based recovery v when i boot into recovery, will this still work?

    6. When I say use the recovery/kernel that came with the CM9 build, the CM9 build has to be Alpha6+ and the recovery should be atleast CWM6+

    7. Have you tried to see if this works Jeff?

    8. After you unzip the original tar.gz, there will be another tar you have to extract as well. That is where the multiboot folder is located. Copy to /emmc/ or /sdcard/ depending on if you using CM10/CM9.

    9. This worked great. Just installed and used it to update PRL and Profile. Thanks a bunch guys for this great work.

    10. i can't seem to get this to work. I'm on CM9 alpha6 w/ CWM, followed the directions to the letter 3 times and i get "install from sdcard complete"
      if i need to update to CWM6, can someone point me to a link on how to do this? or tell me what else i'm doing wrong?

    11. I ask to, where is CWM6 please. please post link. thank you

    12. I just tried this from Beta 1 and it didn't work. I got install from sd card complete. Any advice?

    13. I just tried this as well from Beta 1 to attempt to fix my GPS issue. I got the install from sd card complete as well though it's my only storage (didn't have the external card installed).

      Another post I saw this:
      previously, CM mounted

      internal card to /emmc
      external card to /sdcard

      new default as per upstream CM:

      internal @ /sdcard
      external @ /external_sd

      So is this cause the new default was changed to /sdcard instead of /emmc causing the issue?

    14. It didn't work for me when I was on Beta 1, but after some acrobatics I was able to run temp boot from Usual Suspects. Just an FYI, the proper CWM 6.x will say "sd card" for internal rather than "internal storage."

      I was having trouble getting anything else to flash when I had the Beta 1 rom up and running - even flashing to a nightly from a few days ago. So I went all the way back and flashed the entire Touchwiz GB from Samsung; that didn't work out exceedingly well (boot loop) but after that I flashed a CWM 5.x and was able to use that to flash Usual Suspects, and then from THERE I was able to launch the temp boot. I'm really new to Android but from my subjective observations, I concluded that Beta 1 might not let anything before it get flashed over.

      In summary, I had trouble flashing temp boot from the beta, then managed to get a nightly from recently flashed and from there the temp boot to work.

    15. I have tried these steps perfectly and after doing all the steps, my phone says "install from sdcard complete" and nothing else happens. I have CM9 Beta 1 installed.

    16. Using CM9 Beta 1, cwm 6. I get this:

      installing: /sdcard/multiboot/FF18/
      finding update package
      opening update package
      installing update

      boot /sdcard/multiboot/ff18/zImage

      create mount and sh symlink
      remount partitions read-only
      (re)mount /external_sd read-only
      (re)mount /sdcard read-only
      unpack kexec
      load zImage and initramfs
      reboot into zImage

      Install from sdcard complete

    17. ditto above. I just installed Beta 1 this morning. I'm getting the exact same results are Jeremy Engles above me. I'm hoping this gets sorted out soon. I think I'm going to go back to my stable Calk GB build just to keep my service a little smoother. I'm getting worse reception after the update. Might not be the update causing it, but it is the only variable that changed.

    18. This comment has been removed by the author.

    19. Count one more getting "install complete" error on beta1.

    20. Beta DOESN'T work. I had to use nightly (Used 9/12). Worked fine. So the directions are incorrect about Beta1.

    21. Same problem as most people above me.

      My favorite part is the "You failed to follow directions"

      No, actually you failed to write a tutorial.

    22. Works fine after flashing the latest nightly. Beta linked in the post will not work.

    23. Tried walking around for about 20 minutes to get a GPS lock in the temp boot but wasn't able to get one. Is that normal?

      I guess now that I have that file on my internal storage I'll give it another go tomorrow when I'm in town. I know I've had a GPS lock down there before.

    24. Update: GPS locked instantly and is working in CM9

      Big ups to the developers of CM9 and this temporary stock boot for the fixes and updates! Everything is working great and I haven't had a single issue so far in the latest nightly.

    25. this totally worked to fix gps on beta1, updated to nightly then did the fix, thanks


    27. Can we get an updated tutorial? This one does not work with Beta 1. I followed directions to the letter. Upgraded my CWM, running Beta 1, the whole 9 yards. I get "Install from sdcard complete". Please help.