Saturday, March 24, 2012

CM9 alpha1 for the Epic 4G Touch released!

The Epic 4G Touch team is proud to present our first alpha release of CyanogenMod for your very own Sprint Epic 4G Touch. Please, follow us on our Google+, Facebook or darchstar's twitter for the latest news! This is an initial CM9 alpha release, so as it is somewhat stable, there are still a few bugs and kinks to be worked out.

Changelog of CM9 alpha 1
  • Initial alpha release.
Release notes
  • If MMS doesn't work, you probably restored a bad backup with cached settings in telephony.db in /data/data/*telephony* that should be purged
  • If GPS isn't working, refer to this video by QBKing77, for a workaround.
  • The Linux Kernel found in this ROM is the one from the Leaked FC22 Rom.

Known Bugs
  • Video recording isn't currently working, due to an issue in the omx codecs used, but a fix is currently being worked on by the CyanogenMod team.
  • Netflix currently does not work.
  • PRL updating, profile updating, and Sprint Hands Free activation don't currently work on CM9. Look to a Stock ICS rom for now, if needed.
  • Touchkey lights are triggered by the light sensors, rather than by the last action on the device. This can be rather annoying for users at night
  • Apps to external SD is a little flaky for the moment. If an app is having trouble installing, go to Settings>Storage, unmount the internal storage, and go back to installing the app, for a quick workaround
As noted earlier, the kernel isn't being built from source, so the ROM can't be as expansive in features, as a CM ROM can be. We're currently working on a kernel based on the International Samsung Galaxy S II sources. If you are interested in helping, feel free to contact darchstar.

As for what's being worked on, primary focus is being on video recording. We're working on using opensourced OMX. The issue seems to reside in the mpeg4 codec having difficulties writing to the output file. Most of the work is being done for that is primarily by the international Galaxy S II coder, codeworkx. If you can help, let us know.

See the CM9 Status page for details, then proceed to the CM9 Installation Guide, for a walkthrough on installing the ROM, with links. Please check the Epic Touch CM Issue Tracker to see if your bug has already been posted, before filing a bug report.



  1. Thank you guys for doing this.

  2. Dude, its soooo stable. Seconded, you rule indeed.

  3. Yup, this is so amazing. This is how the Epic 4G Touch should have come out the box! I had force closes at the beginning, but I haven't had any issues since. Very fast and very stable :D