Thursday, May 17, 2012

CM9 alpha4 for Epic 4G Touch Release Notes

Team Epic is proud to present alpha4 for the Epic 4G Touch.  As always, follow us on Google+ and Facebook, for the latest info regarding progress on CM9 for the Sprint Epic 4G Touch. Mind you, this is still alpha, and not yet a release candidate, nor the final product we hope to present in the future. There will be a few bugs and kinks here and there, but it's still deemed stable for us to release an alpha build for the masses. Be sure to check in the Issue Tracker to see if your issue has been posted.

  • Theme Chooser. The ability to customize look and feel of CM9 to user choice using predefined themes or community driven user inspired ideas. Preview the theme before applying to make sure its exactly what your looking for in a theme before applying to the phone.
  • Lockscreen Shortcuts. Allows you to choose lock screen shortcuts (1-5) anything from browser, Facebook, twitter and messaging, the choice is yours, with customizable icon's.
  • Camera Save Location. We now have the option to save pictures to either internal or external storage. This previously defaulted to /emmc/.
  • eMMC/SD Card Swap. /emmc/ is internal storage and /sd card/ is now the SD Card. 
  • Updated kernel to FE16. This is pretty self explanatory.
  • Notification Light Options. Advanced notification light settings with the ability to set per application.
  • Improved Signal Bar Reporting. 
Release Notes
  • For lockscreen shortcuts, you have the option to set the default icon rather than stock by clicking on the icon first before saving. 
  • In addition to /emmc/ and /sd card/ being changed, there is a new option to default apps and media to internal rather than the SD Card: Settings > Storage > Menu Button > Storage Configuration.
CM9 for Epic Touch has joined forces to become a project of Team Epic.
  • Team Epic currently has the goal to raise an additional $535 toward the purchase of two more E4GT's for developers.
  • darchstar unfortunately no longer has an Epic Touch because he had recently parted ways with Sprint.  He is interested in continuing development, so the team is helping to collect donations for this purpose.
  • noobnl's school semester just ended and he suddenly has 3 months of free time.  So this is the perfect opportunity to get him another Sprint phone to work on.
  • Please help us by donating via the Paypal widget on the right, or see the Team Epic site for other methods of donating with lower transaction fees.
See the CM9 Status page for more details on the ROM, then head over to the CM9 Install Guide to install the ROM. Please check the Epic Touch CM Issue Tracker to see if your bug has been reported, before filing a new issue report.

If you appreciate our work, please, consider supporting Team Epic. Thanks!


  1. Regardless of the history behind how CM9 came to our E4GT, I appreciate the work that has been done. Sbrissen did seem to start this project and I appreciate his work and those that picked it up and ran with it :-) Thanks for the updates!

  2. Does anyone know if the HDMI out (via micro-usb to HDMI adapter) works on CM9 Alpha4? And if not, will that eventually be implemented?

  3. WOW!!! Seems to me that we should all just be very thankful that they are ALL here to assist and that we get to reap the benefits of all of their work. A little friendly competition can be good but in the end we (or they) are all striving for the same goal.

    1. Gee all my other posts and comments seems to use my google screen name Rokair but this didn't ... hmm odd.

  4. I'm hitting a rather annoying bug on alpha 4, phantom menu-button presses whenever the radio connection changes. I'm going to go back to alpha 3 for now.

    It's slowly getting better, really looking forward to the beta builds.

    1. Actually, after updating my radio, it seems to have solved this problem.