Friday, April 20, 2012

Thank you for previous donations

Please see the Epic Touch About page if you wish to help with development expenses.

Epic 4g Touch team needs your help. We are trying to raise around $500-$600 to purchase a couple Epic Touches so we can put them in the hands of developers. This will allow for more bug fixes and features to be added so please consider donating any amount you can spare here: 

Update 1: Just purchased the first phone on ebay. Getting close to having enough to purchase a second. Thanks for all donations.

Update 2: Funds were sent to wtogami so he could purchase a second phone. Once we receive the first phone we will be mailing it to mkasick of the OG Epic team.

Update 3:
Received an E4GT in them mail today. Will be shipping out to Mkasick soon!

Also if you would like your name added to the donation list please say so in the message box. Thanks!
Donations received so far after paypal fees: $566

Would like to say thanks to:
Nick Flohr
Matt WhitcherKasper19
Bruce Inman
Gustavo Guerra Segura
Dalton Alas
Marcus Summers
Bill Brooks
Ryan Orr
Chris Robison
Jose Molina
Abhishek Bhatnagar
Kyle M
Josh Silverthorn
Richard Taveras
Curtiz Zentz
Matthew Liegey
Noel Dagle
Abe Pilato
David Gilleland
Mathew Lucas
Andy Rollins (Snillor)
Jarome Garcia
Micheal C
And everyone else who has donated.

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  1. Does this mean maybe possibly we will have an update this month??? :D